Sunday, August 14, 2011


"My biggest fear about marriage was that someday you'll leave me.
So, when i didn't see your suitcase, i thought : "Well here it is, my worst fear, he's gone".
And then i thought : "Oh damn, Paige's car seat is in Tom's car and i have to get a new one".
You were just left me and i was thinking about a car seat.
It was so weird. 
I kept waiting to feel devostated, but instead i felt.... i didn't know, i couldn't put a name to it.
Then, when i walk in and you were back, i suddenly realize what i had been feeling the whole time you were gone.

It was relieve.
I was relieved."

It's this moment which most people don't have a courage to say.
It's this moment when most people will try to lie, to make an excuse to say goodbye.

Dialogue from Desperate Housewife Season 7 Finale

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